Wednesday, June 11, 2014

beginner artwork

January 7, 2014


January 8, 2014
Laura while climbing into her bed a few minutes ago, announced to me as I put away her clean clothes, "I am now going to bed with no incidences." Haha, glad to hear it, little girl. Although she usually goes to bed with no "incidences", so who knows what I was spared tonight. LOL


January 9, 2014
That moment of panic when your Christmas candy, your Red bag of Lindt chocolate treats is not to be found. The ones you bought for your own stocking. And then with franticness of mind, you dig behind the stacks of paper plates in the pantry and at once feel the smooth familiar texture of the package, nestled safely in its quiet spot and all is well again.


February 21, 2014
Laura(sitting on the couch): Mommy, will you read me this IKEA book?
Me(looking up to see what she had): You mean the IKEA catalog? You don't really read it.
Laura: Yes, it has words, see Mommy?
Me: Yes, those words tell you about the things you can buy. But I'm not going to read it to you.

Laura: Can I read some books in bed?
Me: Yes, for a little while.
Laura: I'm going to read this IKEA book.
She has been obsessed with the IKEA catalog for the last two weeks and wanted to talk to my Mom today when she called to tell her all the things we have in our house that we have bought from IKEA. I think it's the first "word" she can spell and read.


February 26, 2014
Yesterday, after a series of spectacularly naughty moments, Laura spontaneously offered up an apology from her seat in the car. I accepted her apology after clarifying what it was for and then she discussed her views on God for a bit which are always interesting and mostly orthodox. After a moment of silence in the car, she added, "Mama, when you say you're sorry, it makes your heart happy."

bedtime prayers

March 2, 2014
Tonight I put Laura to bed and prayed with her as usual. Afterwards she asked, "What did you mean by asking God to watch over me? You mean like from fires and falling down the stairs?" Slightly alarmed over the latest calamity, I say yes, and then she asks "What else can happen?" 
I take this as my cue to leave while she is mumbling about falling off her tricycle and other such calamities that are not usually done throughout the night anyway, not to mention that she no longer rides a tricycle. She is something else. Her new nickname for herself is IKEA Girl. LOL


March 6, 2014
inquisitive: asking politely after your neighbor's well-being as you encounter them outside
nosy: hastily putting in your contacts so you can see what is being delivered to your neighbor's house at 8am
(It was a new white glass-top electric stove/range.) You know you wanted to know too. LOL

animal adjectives

March 10, 2014
During winter, we often have a roast galline supper, but tonight I am cooking myself a baked porcine dinner.

citizenship test

March 11, 2014
Big sigh of relief, it's over. 
Passed my citizenship test this morning. 20/20. Not bad. 
I think I was the only American there. 
Americanadiangirl for real now. 

signs of spring

March 20, 2014
First signs of spring in eastern Ontario?
The onions and garlic in my pantry are sprouting. Too bad the garden needs to be shoveled off or I could plant them.


March 20, 2014
Back in the days of the school handbook, there was always that last rule that cornered you no matter what the other rules said. It was the illustrious, "No circumventing school procedure" rule. It meant that even if the rule book didn't say, "no jumping out of the windows of the school bathroom", it was definitely a rule that they would make if they thought students would be doing it. Ahem, yes.
I have a little circumventor in my home who needs to be made aware of this handy rule. Who knew you would have to include rules like, "No using a shiny butter knife to create designs on our cds." "Do not use without supervision, even one pump (or many more) of hair detangler on any part of your hair, especially your bangs as part of your 'morning grooming'." "When completing Montessori pouring activities, do not attempt to stick the tiny glass cup into the small glass pitcher." (It will get so stuck, only your father will be able to get it out without any glass breakage.) And this is just in the last 48 hours.

Call the Midwife

March 22, 2014
I was folding laundry while watching something on Netflix and I took a break to help Laura get her pajamas on in her room.
Her: What are you watching?
Me: Call the Midwife
Her: What's a midwife?
Me: It's a nurse who delivers babies. 
Her: Does she bring them in a box?
LOL, oh my.
She asked some more questions and I told her where babies come out and that they are pushed out by a mommy' s body.
Her: I need to go tell Seth something.
Me, laughing: I'm not sure Seth knows much about it.
Her, going to Seth's door: Goodnight, Seth
Me: (relieved) Let's go brush your teeth.
She and Kate were delivered by the same midwife and there was no delivery box. 

Toad's list

March 25, 2014
That moment when you catch yourself almost feeling bad about accomplishing something in your home, because it wasn't on your list. Good grief, who am I? 


March 26, 2014
There is a small window of time in which climbing up and down on a bunk bed is fun and easy. Embrace that time, it happens to coincide with youth. 
There is, however, no window of time in which changing the sheets on a bunk bed is fun and easy. Endure that time, it happens to coincide with advancing age.

Kate's sense of humor

March 29, 2014
While my anecdotes are usually about Laura, here's one about Kate. 

When Shane installed new bedroom and bathroom doors a couple of years ago, Kate soon learned how to master the easy locks which thankfully open with a coin or any thin, hard tool or object. So at least every couple of days, I go upstairs to get or do something and find at least one, if not all the bedroom and bathroom doors shut tight and locked. Every now and again, Kate is inside one of the doors, laughing herself into hysterics. It was happening so frequently that I took to carrying a nickel around in my back pocket to get the doors open quickly.

On Wednesday, I found Laura's door locked, with Kate being the culprit, so I administered a little, umm, training and headed to get a shower. Ten minutes later, I emerge from the bathroom, ensconced in a bath towel, see our bedroom closed and yes, firmly locked. Kate is no where to be seen or heard. Seth, at that moment, flying up the stairs intent on getting something from his room, comes to my aid by producing a coin from his wallet and lets me into my own room. I was hopping mad, just a little.

Fast forward to this morning, unshowered and dressed still in my morning clothes, I have to escort Laura to our neighbor's door so she can play with Seth and the neighbor girl. I leave Kate waiting and watching by the storm door. A very quick trip to the neighbor's and then back to our own front doorstep and our front door is closed up. I check the door knob and sure enough it is locked tight. I sigh and ring the doorbell, knowing Shane is upstairs. As soon as the doorbell rings, maniacal laughter is heard from the other side of the door and there is a fumbling with the lock as she lets me in. Oh goodness. Now I have to add a key to the nickel in my pocket, doh!